John lee hooker - if you miss 'im... i got 'im

In 1989, he played with Keith Richards , Carlos Santana and Bonnie Raitt to record The Healer and won a Grammy Award . Hooker recorded lots of songs with Van Morrison , including "Never Get Out of These Blues Alive", "The Healing Game" and "I Cover the Waterfront".

The Hooker children were home-schooled . They were permitted to listen only to religious songs; the spirituals sung in church were their earliest exposure to music. In 1921, their parents separated. The next year, their mother married William Moore, a blues singer, who provided John Lee with an introduction to the guitar (and whom he would later credit for his distinctive playing style). [13]

Heard here less than a year before his death, Earl still sounds frisky and versatile, often utilizing a funky wah-wah style without ever descending into the psychedelic excesses that plagued so many late-'60s electric blues albums. One of the most effective cuts is "Lonesome Mood," a low-key, one-chord stomper in the classic John Lee mold, where Earl's wah-wah guitar meshes with Johnny Walker's organ and Jefferey Carp's harmonica to create a subtly shifting, sensuously undulating web of sound over which John Lee works his hoodoo. On IF YOU MISS 'IM, John Lee definitely benefits from keeping it in the family.

John Lee Hooker - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'ImJohn Lee Hooker - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'ImJohn Lee Hooker - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'ImJohn Lee Hooker - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im