Pennywise - yesterdays

The album opens in a gutsy sing-along chanty fashion in the form of ‘What You Deserve’ . Its no nonsense, perky attitude gives it an undeniable catchy edge; the essence of what a record must to do to hook you in. It doesn’t let up either on the band’s trademark of political lyrical content that has put them as a benchmark in the scene. The track’s high-paced drum beats don’t let off steam as ‘Restless Time’ follows. It pursues its predecessor in its use of a quirkier opener before erupting into all traits punk. Its a short and sweet one minute 25 seconds of weird vocals, rapid percussion and riffs rough enough to make it onto the waves of Hermosa Beach.

To this day my favorite server name is Qantas - a Unix server that Joel Spolsky has or used to have. Why Qantas? You'd have to ask Rainman.

Pennywise - YesterdaysPennywise - YesterdaysPennywise - YesterdaysPennywise - Yesterdays