Degenerate - mad guillotines degenerate - mad guillotines

Dry AMD is the most common type of AMD. It develops very slowly and causes a gradual change in your central vision. At its worst Dry AMD causes a blank patch in the centre of your vision.

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As Ines Schlenker points out in her catalogue essay, “Defining National Socialist Art: The First ‘Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung’ in 1937,” Hitler vaguely defined acceptable Nazi art as “eternal, stemming from the inner being of a people,” leaving curators and artists scrambling to abide by his unclear wishes. Embarrassingly, thanks to this widespread miscommunication, some artists appeared in both “degenerate” and approved exhibitions. When one selection committee failed to pick the correct art, Hitler tapped his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann as curator, but even Hoffmann needed Hitler’s final, personal approval. Artists such as Emil Nolde found themselves initially accepted by the Nazis (especially Goebbels, who decorated his home in Node originals, at least until Hitler dropped by) only to find themselves later examples of “inner emigrates” (versus those emigrates who fled) who not only had their art removed from German collections to be sold or destroyed, but also were forbidden to make new art on pain of death. (Nolde continued to paint in watercolor, fearing that the smell of oil paint would give him away.) Even Hitler-approved artists such as Adolf Ziegler , whose triptych Die vier Elemente ( The Four Elements ) once hung above Hitler’s fireplace in the Munich Führerbau but now appears in the Neue Galerie show, could find themselves in a career- and life-jeopardizing situation with one wrong move. (Ziegler spent weeks at the concentration camp in Dachau for his “defeatist attitude” before Hitler had him released.)

I was first told about the attack on the USS Liberty in 1980 over dinner with a former analyst from the National Security Agency (NSA) in Washington DC.

Degenerate - Mad Guillotines Degenerate - Mad GuillotinesDegenerate - Mad Guillotines Degenerate - Mad GuillotinesDegenerate - Mad Guillotines Degenerate - Mad GuillotinesDegenerate - Mad Guillotines Degenerate - Mad Guillotines